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Rhein & Rhett’s Runners — Holton, Kansas

September 16, 2013

Holton Satellite Walk 12

The Murphy family lives in Holton, Kansas and recently became active in the Kansas Fragile X LINKS Group. On Sunday, their community came together and did something that turned out to be an incredible blessing. At the suggestion of a football player at their son’s school, “Rhein & Rhett’s Runners, Team Holton, Kansas” was formed and a satellite walk to our 3rd Annual Walk for the Faces of Fragile X was held at the school track. Why a satellite walk, you might ask? Because the seniors are scheduled to take the ACT exams on September 21 (the day of our walk), but they wanted to show support. And that they did!

A large turnout came to walk a mile on behalf of Rhein and Rhett. The event was started with many tears in the crowd as a friend spoke about how these boys had affected her son and others within the community. Our informational signs were placed around the track to raise awareness, as well as signs prepared for the football team and the cheerleaders and for Murphy’s Mentors (the family’s team name for our walk next Saturday). Many of them purchased our walk shirts – over $500 was collected for shirts; and many folks gave donations to support families in Kansas who are affected by Fragile X – just under $500 was donated. From all of us to all of Holton, thank you for your kindness and generosity, and for the awesome sense of community and support provided to this amazing family.

Holton Walk 10

Holton Walk 9

Holton Walk 8

Holton Walk 7

Holton Walk 2

Holton Walk 3

Holton Walk 5

Holton Walk 4

Holton Walk 11

Holton Walk 6

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