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14th Annual International Fragile X Conference

June 2, 2014

14th International Fragile X Conference



It’s almost here!  The event that happens for all of us every two years — a chance to hang out with others on this challenging journey, a chance to learn the latest from the greatest, a chance to get away and remember the breadth of why we do what we do.

The Kansas Fragile X Group is very happy to be one of the sponsors of this awesome event for the second year in a row — we are very fortunate to have strong, compassionate families pitching in to help each other raise awareness, educate within our community and contribute to the strentgh of our global Fragile X family.

Ad for NFXF conference program

To date, we are aware of at least  seven people traveling to California for the conference — Brooke Stack (Olathe, KS), Angie Grantman (Overland Park, KS), Laura Herrold (Vassar, KS), Christina and Jason Murphy (Holton, KS), and  Theresa Lemire and Melissa Joslin-Lemire (Manhattan, KS).  If anyone else is planning to go, please let us know by emailing  to  We don’t what you to be left out of getting a t-shirt we will all be wearing at the opening event!

In addition to being a sponsor, we are contributing a gift basket representative of Kansas, as well as many Fragile X related handmade items to the auction to raise funds for the National Fragile X Foundation.   We are happy to do our part for the greater good.

Growing Stronger Together, one day, one event, one kind gesture at a time.

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